insomnia pottery


Insomnia Pottery studio is located just north of Cornelius, Oregon in a rural setting amidst woods, plants and flowers.

The Salt Kiln

salting the kiln

kiln & brick-up door

chimney side

If you would like to purchase pottery at any time, please email for an appointment to visit the studio: [email protected]

About Saltfired Stoneware

With three years of planning, construction, and study complete, the first loads of salt-fired pots are coming out of the new kiln and into the world. Each firing brings additional learning and possibilities; new combinations of clay, slip, and glaze. The unpredictable collaboration of salt vapor and kiln position make every pot unique and reveal extraordinary possibilities for color and imagery.

Drawing on vessel forms of many cultures and epochs, from traditional English country pottery to historic Chinese bronzes and American pewter wares, Ginger Steele seeks to create beautiful and useful pots to submit to the searing heat and defining atmosphere of the salt kiln. These are pots for daily use - pots for preparing and serving food and drink - created for the comfortable rituals of daily life.