insomnia pottery


Images represent work created in recent years. Pieces below are sold; prices are listed for ordering from the artist a similar piece, created for you.

Click photos for larger views.

The work is water-tight, and can be used in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher.

Digital images of specific pieces can be emailed to your web address.

Purchasing: email the Artist for information about specific pieces, their price, availabilty or production timeline.

Visa accepted.

Visit artist's current site for updated info

handbuilt teapot
Handbuilt Teapot #1
9" tall x 6" wide
Casserole on Service Plate
11" tall x 14" wide
teapot with diamonds
Teapot with Diamonds
6" high x 7" wide
carved jar
Carved Jar
13" tall x 6" wide
10" tall x 5" wide
lidded jar
Lidded Jar
9" tall x 6" wide
handbuilt teapot 2
Handbuilt Teapot #2
13" tall x 7" wide
butter dish
"Butter Dish"
5" tall x 8" wide
carved plate
"Carved Plate"
13" diameter